Thursday, May 8, 2008

Highchair Entertainment

I was getting really frustrated tonight trying to get a bunch of cleaning done while trying to keep my one year old out of it. He wasn't hungry, so snacks were out, and he was just restless- he got four shots this afternoon! :( Anyway, I decided to try this. I've had it in mind for awhile. All you do is take some little toys, tie them to pieces of string, and tape them to the high chair. This is GREAT because he loved playing with all the little toys, throwing them off, and then he could get them again. Bonus for my son in particular- he loves playing with his feet, so that was fun for him too. :)


Sue said...

Good idea... they can drop them as much as they want.

Amanda said...

That is really cute - how fun! They can even try to throw toys and they won't end up all over your house.

Valerie said...

Cute idea I think I need to buy a high chair again!