Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun Things to do With a Ball

Knock it across the room with a kitchen utensil. Grab a spoon or a strainer with a handle.

Roll with it. Facing your child with legs spread apart, roll a ball to each other, alternatting between using your left hand and right hand.

Bounce it into a laundry basket. Hold the basket and have her try to toss the ball so it lands inside. Move back to make the game more challenging. You can do the same thing with a hula hoop.

Go Bowling. Knock over some empty water bottles or soda cans.

Size them up. Give your child an assortment of balls-tennis, golf, Ping-Pong-and an empty muffin tim. She'll have fun putting a ball in each compartment, dumping them out, and starting all over again.

Play air ball. Take turns hitting a beach ball up toward the ceiling, trying not to let it hit the ground.

Sing a silly ball song. Have him run around the room holding a ball, while belting out "The Ball on the Bus Goes Round and Round."

Toss it up a slide. She'll love watching it roll down.

Play in the sink. Fill up your kitchen sink, and throw in lots of smaller balls. Some will sink, some will float, and your child will have lots of splashing fun. Just have a towel handy.

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