Friday, March 21, 2008

Plastic Easter Eggs

Since you can find plastic Easter eggs in abundance this time of year, I decided to find some fun things to do with them other than just fill them with candy. I took a shoe box, and cut some holes in it. (If you open an egg and trace it, then the egg will fit perfectly). Then you put the eggs in, take a toy hammer (or fist or whatever!) and whack away! Then let your kids do it! :) My daughter loved this. I also used it as a learning tool since she is learning colors. "Whack a purple egg!" I also let her decorate it with stickers. My one year old absolutely delighted in this. He loved pushing the eggs through, then lifting the box to see where they went. He also liked setting them in the holes.

There are lots of other fun things you can do with plastic eggs. Put little toys inside and see if your child can guess what they are. Put them in a sink full of water (we love water at our house!) Have "spoon races" and fill a basket on the other side of the room (younger children can use something bigger like a ladle). Seriously, these things can be great fun!


KellyAnn said...

oh my gosh!!! I LOVE it. I hope you keep coming up with lots of ideas because i sure need them.!!!

Em said...

Mary, that is such a great idea. I would never have come up with that!! I will have to try it. My kids would LOVE to whack anything and get away with it! Love it!

Amanda said...

Looks so fun! I want to make one so I can play with it! And then maybe I'd let my kids have a turn. Ha!