Friday, April 18, 2008

Flying Fish

This is a super easy activity that even I enjoyed. When you throw the fish into the air (or drop them from a higher point), they kind of flutter and spin down. Then we took them outside where it was slightly windy... boy did those things fly! It was hilarious! My daughter stood on top of her slide and would let go, and they'd take off and we chased them all over the yard. Good times. Here's what ya do:

Cut 1 inch strips from the page of an old magazine (long ways). Cut a slit halfway into the strip at each end about 1 inch from the end. (At one end of the strip cut from the top halfway down to the middle, and at the other end cut from the bottom halfway up to the middle.) Bend the strip into a loop and push the slits together so that the loop closes and it looks like a fish.
This idea came from "The Toddler's Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner


Alison said...

Too cute! You're children have made fish fly, next they'll be makin' pigs fly!

Amanda said...

Those are really cute! My kids had fun throwing them off the top deck on their playground!

Valerie said...

Those look really cute! I'll have to have Riley and Jarett help Preston and Pinky make them.

Sue said...

You sound like such a fun mom.